Simple and rapid cloud integration

IBM® App Connect Professional is a multi-tenant, cloud-based platform for rapidly integrating cloud and on-premises applications and enterprise systems in a hybrid environment, using a ‘configuration, not coding’ approach.

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The no coding approach to integration

With App Connect, you can easily connect SaaS and cloud applications, for example select your EventBrite and Salesforce applications so that when someone registers for one of your events a contact is automatically created in Salesforce. You only need to configure your choice of fields and how data should be mapped between them, without writing any code. You can use the same no coding approach for hundreds more connections between cloud and on-premises applications and to build up a more sophisticated integration solutions.

Easily create and run integration projects in the IBM Cloud

In App Connect, you can select from hundreds of templates for the most common cloud integration scenarios that helps to significantly reduce the time needed to integrate SaaS and on premises applications. After configuring a template for your needs, simply deploy your integration project to run in the IBM Cloud. From the same interface, the management console, you can manage all your projects with an instant view of resource usage, critical alerts, and a wealth of other information to help you manage your environment.

Graphical design and configuration

For advanced design and configuration of your integration projects, you can use a powerful, graphical development environment, the Studio. Download your projects from the cloud or easily create new projects from hundreds of templates. Drag-and-drop connectors and transformations, and use a configuration not coding approach to tailor integration projects to your own specific needs. Rapidly publish your projects to the management console to run in the IBM Cloud.

Automate repetitive tasks that use popular SaaS applications

In App Connect you can quickly connect popular SaaS applications so that when something happens in one app, other relevant apps get updated automatically. Simply select your source and target apps, define events and actions to set how the apps should interact, and map the information you want to share between them. App Connect does the rest, running in the IBM Cloud. App Connect Designer is ideal for business users that want to automate repetitive tasks that use SaaS applications like Eventbrite, Salesforce, and Marketo.

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In just a few simple steps, integration developers can add custom applications to App Connect to provide additional connectivity through IBM Integration Bus flows. In App Connect, your custom applications are just as easy to use. Integration Bus could be performing extremely complex integrations, but when configured they appear just like any other application, with the same simple experience to connect SaaS applications with on-premises proprietary applications and systems.

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IBM App Connect Professional, configuration, no coding approach to integration.

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